Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting there!

Here are some shots of the mostly complete exterior.
No interior shots as we couldnt get in but all of the electicals and plumbing is finished, aircon installed
and the kitchen should be completed and flooring should start soon!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Fencing and Flooring issues :(

Well this week has been interesting.
We recieved infomaqtion that our back fence neighbour is refusing to pay half of the fencing cost as they already have a fence (very flimsy barbed wire) in place! we have the option of paying for it ourselves or going with some of the other neighbours effected and taking them to VCAT. Grrrrr!

the other issue we ahve had this week is our floorboards.
We really want coffe coloured bamboo floors and the builder told us on tuesday that their original supplier has fallen through. we are worried that if they get another supplier we wont get the quality we are after so we are going to install it ourselves after handover.

We went to the Homeshow on wed morning and found some suppliers (and specials!!!) but it will still cost us extra :(

Apart from that I have been buying decorating stuff! all of our blinds have been ordered (found the ones we were after at 25% off so snapped the whole house worth up)
Went to Ikea and amazingly didnt buy anything! just got lots of ideas.
and I have bought some gorgeous fabric to make a wall hanging for the dining room (i think).

Its from and i have been drooling over their stuff for ages!

Im still on the lookout for some frames, a funky clock, and lamps